Air & Ground Masters I


December 8-10th, 1995

Story & photos by Antão Almada

Just before the end of year we've had the most insane bmx contest in portuguese ground. The spanish riders decided to cancel they're contest in Salamanca, and two austrian KHE riders promissed to come. It was going to be RAD.

Hélio on a double tail
whip attempt over the
fun box.
Finally the contest day arrived. Hopefully the contest took place inside a gym because outside was rainning like hell. There were only two ramps; a 1,80m high movable mini-half and a fun box; and the stands full of people.

There were more spanish riders than portuguese, and we didn't knew most of them (we've had several iberian contests). They were even crazier. Every time the organization openned the ramps, there was a images contest. The spanish dominated the jump contest with double bar spins, no handed back flips, no footed back flips, superman seat grab, 720, all kinds of 360, and so on.

The portuguese didn't stand still; a local pulled perfect front flips, Hélio made double tail whip attempts, almost pulling it, and a lot of people made they're first attempt for the back flip (most of them pulling it).

Miguel, from Malaga, doing perfect no handed and no footed back flips.

Miguel doing an huge superman
seat grabber.

Gil doing a perfect front flip (notice the pillow on is back).

Alvaro doing a 360 can can.
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